Dr. William (Bill) Paslak DC, CCST, ACN

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At Wellspring Natural Health, we are passionate about providing a natural, more wholistic approach to healthcare for the Rio Grande Valley.

Our office not only treats neck, back and joint pain by utilizing Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy, but we also focus on improving organ and system function to regain your overall health and vitality through Nutrition Response Testing℠ and Designed Clinical Nutrition.

We encourage and empower our patients to achieve their optimal overall health by attending our free educational seminars and informative workshops on various health topics as well as good diet and lifestyle habits.

In our office, we believe in your  body’s amazing capability of keeping itself healthy.  Do you ever wonder or ask yourself - Why do I always feel tired, fatigued or sick? Our bodies are in a constant state of balance (growth – repair). If we become stressed or “out-of-balance”, our body eventually breaks down and doesn’t operate the way it was designed – so we become slowed, tired and ill (dis - ease).

If given the right treatment program, you will re-gain your health, your energy and vitality.

Because every patient is different, we treat you as an individual, not using a cook-book approach, but we use a specifically designed treatment program that is unique to you and only you. We treat the underlying cause of your condition and don’t rely on the many myths and fad treatments that come and go in the media.

Feel Better ... Live Better!

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