Whole Body Vibration Platform

Why Does Our Office Uses Whole Body Vibration?


Pain!     Weight Loss!     Sleep!     Hormones!

Bones!     Muscle!     Anxiety!     Depression! 
In Short... Your Overall Health!
What is Whole Body Vibration?

Whole Body Vibration uses the power of vibration to increase your strength, durability and flexibility. It improves posture, balance and hormone distribution. It lowers inflammation, pain and fat content. In other words, it has many benefits that can take your workout to the next level with very little effort.

Vibration plate technology was originally developed by NASA to give astronauts a way to retain muscle mass and bone density while they were in space.

It’s been adopted by the medical field as a viable treatment for a wide range of conditions – from scoliosis to diabetes – and in many fitness and sport practices as well.

So... How Does Vibration Stimulated Growth?

In the course of normal exercises, you use a weight to stress your muscle. Your muscles stretch, contract and release as they heft around heavy equipment. These controlled repetitions over time build muscle and reinforce your bones.

As the vibration plates send waves through your body, your muscles make slight adjustments to keep your body steady. Instead of slow, controlled, weight-bearing exercises, your body experiences rapid responses that create the similar gains of a traditional workout. In some cases, vibration leads to superior results.

After a 10-minute sessions, tests show immediate increases in the hormones- testosterone and human growth hormone. It also decreases the amount of cortisol in the blood (for stress).

To increase muscle, decrease anxiety or depression, adding a few minutes of vibration therapy to your workout routine can benefit you greatly.

Pain, Weight loss and Sleep

Used in fitness, in medicine and in the sports sciences, vibration therapy applies a rapid flow of micro-movements to the human body. Your muscles, in turn, contract and release rapidly in response. Performed in short bursts over a period of time, this process creates changes. You build muscle, stamina and energy, and your hormones balance out. You can lose weight or find it easier to sleep. There’s literally a flood of potential benefits!

Scientific Studies

In a study from the University of Florida’s College of Medicine, patients experienced significant pain relief when exposed to vibration. What’s more, it made a bigger difference in patients who have pain-management disorders. Those suffering from fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions reported a 40 percent drop in discomfort that was nearly instantaneous.

In the Department of Exercise Science of Willamette University, participants had already failed to respond to conventional treatments. After four weeks of treatment, pain was significantly reduced.

A third study conducted by the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Dongguk University College of Medicine showed similar results. After vibration therapy, considerable changes in the intensity of pain experienced by participants were seen after treatment.

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