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"Wholism" means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each part works together synergistically (work together for an improved result) For example, each vitamin complex found in nature contains the full spectrum of nutritional factors and co-factors that work together and are not isolated chemicals found in most vitamins today.

In our office, we follow the early pioneers in the nutritional field, Drs. Royal Lee, Weston A. Price, Melvyn Page and Frances Pottenger and Harvey Wiley. We believe that if given the proper nutrition, your body has the amazing capability of keeping itself healthy. We also believe that nutrition should be individualized to meet each patient’s needs. For these reasons and many more we proudly recommend Standard Process Whole food supplements developed by Dr. Royal Lee.

Synthetic Vs Natural Vitamins

Natural vitamins and synthetic vitamins are not the same thing!

Natural Vitamins --

  • Are found in food, made up of complexes and associated compounds.

  • These complexes work synergistically (act together with greater results) to deliver a nutritive effect to our bodies

  • In turn, they require inorganic minerals to become activated

  • All these things, complexes, compounds, minerals etc. are found together in whole foods, as nature intended.

Synthetic Vitamins --

  • Consist of a single compound that has been deemed the “most active” of a natural vitamin complex.

  • Most vitamins sold today are synthetic

  • Synthetic vitamins are made in a chemical laboratory from petroleum coal tar and other chemical sources instead of from foods.

  • They are man-made imitations, instead of being the product of plant or animal cells.

The question is --

  • Are synthetic imitations equal to the genuine part found in nature (Genuine Replacement Parts)? Dr. Lee asks “How can a single factor be isolated from a complex…and be justifiably sold with the claim that it is equal?” It can’t.

  However, do not think that synthetic vitamins have no effect on our health… Because synthetic vitamins do have drug effects, pharmacological actions that are not the same as the effects of the normal nutritional action. Since we live a country where more than half the population takes synthetic vitamins, the implications are staggering and there is much to be concerned about.

The above is taken from the original archived document by Dr. Royal Lee. To view or download the original document, Click Here.